Why Shorter



Please find below the comparison between Shorter and Competitive product;

1- Shorter implants shortest length is 4mm however it is 5mm in Competitor’s product. Shorter plus 4mm is the shortest bone level implant in the world. The study using the 4mm implants in maxilla is under evaluation in a SCI journal currently.

2- Two implant systems have similar diameters however NTA Shorter also has implants with ø5.5 and ø7mm.

3- NTA Shorter has all the lengths of Competitor’s implants and a 9mm length, which is not available in Competitor’s product.

4- The coating of NTA Shorter implants is made in Michigan, U.S.A. by Orchid Bio-Coat. Therefore there is no doubt that the quality of our surface treatment is not inferior to that of Competitor’s product.

5- Shorter implant also has T-base for cad-cam (cerec) which is not available in Competitor’s product.

6- NTA Shorter implants provide healing caps both from titanium and acetate. Acetate healing caps don’t exist in Competitor’s product.

7- Although the abutments are compatible, the abutment classification of the implant systems are different. While there is a classification based on post length in NTA Shorter, Competitor’s product has a classification based on the height, width, and diameter.

8- Shorter implant is currently testing an other abutment, which can be removed easily with an abutment retriever which is not available in Competitor’s implants.

9- Surgical and prosthetic components are compatible. Therefore it is easy for the dentist to change from one system to the other.

10- NTA Shorter implant is cost-effective compare to Competitor’s product.

11- Shorter implants have vertical lines which the Competitor’s implants doesn’t have and that vertical lines provide easy fitting to the implant hole.

12- Shorter implants have more surface area due to the vertical lines.

13- Vertical lines block to implant movement.

14- Shorter is more strength (rezistable) to rotational movements.

15- Shorter implant is more strength through the vertical lines.

16- Each box provides guided bone regeneration.

The number of other minor advantages over the competitors may be increased.