Our company is engaged in providing solutions in implant dentistry by offering highest quality of dental implants. Development, manufacturing process, marketing, publicity, and trademark rights of all the products are legal and belong to our company. The products are being developed using state-of –the-art technologies under the light of the up-to-date scientific data in the field of implantology.

We manufacture “Screw-type” and “Press-fit” implants with their accessories under the brands of Nta Implant, Nta Shorter Implant, Nta Shorter Plus Implant and Hybrid Implant. The Quality System Management Certificates belonging to us are FDA, CE, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and TS ISO 10002:2006.

Our Solution Partners in SWITZERLAND, USA and S.KOREA carry out research and development, production and surface treatment for the products in their own countries. Some of our partners have more than 35 years of experience in dental market.

OUR MISSION is always to produce the most impressive products with wide product range for all dental implant indications by using effective, reliable and safe treatment methods without compromising the highest quality.

OUR VISION is to combine up-to-date developments in research and innovations in science and offer highest quality products to our customers.